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Stop Those Basement Leaks

Are you sick and tired of those leaky cracks in your basement walls? Now there is a way to stop them forever and assure your basement waterproofing with a two part polyurethane foam process that fills the crack all the way through the entire width of your foundation, keeping your basement dry and usable.

Polyurethane foam injections is the most efficient and cost effective way of stopping the leaks in your basement walls and waterproofing your lower level, making it dry and usable.

Cracks vary, and with waterproofing prices starting at $275 for a normal window leak,
why wait?

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Window Cracks

Window cracks are typical. Anywhere you have a break in the concrete, near a window or not, you will most likely end up with a noticable crack.

Just because you have a crack does not necessarily mean that you have a leak yet, but they are usually easy to spot. The picture on the left "did" leak and has been filled by our "polyurethane foam injection basement waterproofing" process. Now, with the foundation repaired, it will not leak again.



We also offer clean-up packages. Prices vary according to how many cracks are filled. Our cleanup process leave the basement wall surface smooth and ready for finishing. The picture on the right shows a filled basement wall crack with a cleaned surface.

R.C.I. offers the best limited warranty in the business (20 years) with total customer basement waterproofing satisfaction guaranteed.

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