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Crack Repair

Sooner or later water will find the cracks in basement walls and they will leak. Crack injection, utilizing low pressure injection of epoxies and polyurethane foams, will fill the cracks throughout the width of the wall and stop the leaks permanently. Crack injection is very effective for filling cracks from 0.002 to 1 inch in width in walls up to twelve inches thick. This process can also effectively be used to repair cracks in concrete ceilings and floors. The polyurethane is flexible, so that the seal will remain watertight with minor seasonal movement due to weather changes of the walls, ceilings or floors, keeping your basement bone dry.


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When injected into the crack, the polyurethane foam will expand and fill every void in the wall. The top left photo shows a crack filled from the inside that has expanded through the ouside wall, filling the entire width of the wall, sealing the crack permanently. The top right photo shows the same process on a wall crack. When cleaned up, the outside will look as it always did, with no messy and disruptive digging or excavating on the outside of your house taking place.


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