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Basic Steps For Crack Repair

To give you an idea of the crack injection process we have listed the basic steps for you. The type of polyurethane that is used and the amount of time required for the injection will vary with each situation depending on wall thickness, crack width and other conditions.

These steps are all very important to insure that the crack will never leak again.

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1. Clean The Surface

The first step in the process is to clean the surface using the appropriate solutions.



2. Install The Ports

The second step is to install the ports that will allow the polyurethane to be injected into the crack.



3. Epoxy Application

The third step is to paste a two part epoxy into and over the entire crack and let it set for approximatly an hour.



4. Injection

The fourth step is to inject the polyurethane starting at the bottom untill it runs to the top of the crack.



5. Clean-up

The fifth step is the clean-up process. You can do this or we have a clean-up package that we offer.

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